Save our mother earth

Early years[ edit ] The brother duo of drummer Christian and guitarist Jagori Tanna met vocalist Edwin at their shared rehearsal space in Jag Tanna ad-libbed the name I Mother Earth and has always insisted it has no special meaning.

Save our mother earth

For a moment I had dreamt about a world, conscious about its natural reserves and keen on saving them, thus ensuring a blissful future not only for themselves but also for their progeny.

That it was only a dream is what saddens me the most.

Save the Forest

A casual reflection on our history books would reveal that natural reserves have been so intimately involved with our development that even ages have been distinguished by their discovery as the Iron Age, the Bronze Age etc.

As the new and developed world Save our mother earth, the use of natural oil and gas as efficient and reliable energy providers slowly dominated most spheres of human need for energy. It does not take long to realize how vital they have become over time.

However over consumption and over dependence on cheap energy resources has led to their massive depletion. However oil is being used at a rate of 77 million barrels a day which makes 26 billion barrels annually [IEAKEY ]. In US alone the annual use of natural gas is 12 trillion cubic feet.

Since the petroleum reserves are limited and their geographical production process is a long one, massive demand has led to huge depletion. The demand on the other hand hardly seems to lessen.

Save our mother earth

The depletion rate of gas is more alarming. The gas fields have been down by The magnitude of our fuel consumption can be understood if we take a look at the estimation that states nuclear plants would be required in US alone to totally stop the use of natural reserves.

Save our mother earth

At this rate, if the problem is not addressed immediately we would soon run out of oil, gas and alternatives that can replace them. The first step to address the issue is to understand the chief reasons that have led us to such a dire strait.

Firstly the present population of the world is 6, and July Demographers believe that the population will reach 10 billion before it can stabilize.

This growing population demands an energy resource with flammability, high energy value and convenience of use. This puts an ever increasing pressure on the natural reserves to meet the demands of the populace. Secondly, industrialization, machinery and faster modes of transport have become a way of life and symbols of prosperity.

They use a whole lot of oil and gas everyday; however we are so keenly bent on development that we have closed our eyes to the larger picture that development has no meaning without support from natural reserves and thus they have to undergo a sustainable development and not one at the cost of each other.

Thirdly, in spite of the development of non-conventional energy resources, the general populace is still apprehensive about their use along with natural oil and gas, chiefly because of their low energy value and inconvenience in using them. Last but not the least, all our awareness campaigns have limited themselves to academic exercises only which are done on a few days.

It has hardly affected the general attitude of the people. Now that the various aspects of the problem are clear it is important to devise a policy for the sustainable consumption of these resources. The policy is broadly categorized into three phases which need to run simultaneously.

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Our Earth is the most beautiful planet in our solar system. As far as we know, Earth is the only planet that has life. Before A.D., man had a good relationship with Mother Earth. Mother Earth Mother Earth: Mother earth, our mother earth She is the one who gives us birth. The tree, soils, mountains and hills All are one by one getting killed.

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