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How to Apply About the course A one year top-ranked MBA course comprising an intensive series of stimulating lectures, energetic seminars and small group work, which can take students anywhere in the world. Helping you tackle world-scale problems, Oxford's MBA is a one-year programme for a complex, fragile and increasingly connected world. Our energy, food and water security, our aging populations, the explosion in stored data — these challenges all require managers and leaders of unusual ability, sophistication and integrity. An MBA has never been more necessary.

Oxford business english for presentations

Medical Biology Course content The conventional way of looking at Medicine is through the diagnosis of illness and the prescription of drugs. Toxicology is the scientific study of adverse effects in living organisms due to environmental agents and chemical compounds found in nature, as well as pharmaceutical compounds synthesized for medical use by humans.

It involves observing and reporting on the symptoms, mechanisms, detection and treatment of toxic substances in relation to the poisoning of humans; producing toxic effects such as disturbance in growth patterns, discomfort, disease and death.

It focuses on the adverse effects that can occur in living organisms that come into contact with chemicals. Course oxford business english for presentations By the end of you will become aware of the pathologies associated with toxicology and the risk assessment work of toxicologists.

You will learn about current debates centered on drug abuse and will discuss recent high-profile cases. Students on this course have the opportunity to fine-tune their negotiation and public speaking skills through group project work and presentations. Course outcomes By the end of the course students will be able to plan and present an effective presentation in small groups, have learned how to work effectively in a group, practiced and fine-tuned their negotiating skills and have discussed a variety of business-related topics.

Why do we like some pieces of writing but find others dull? Are there any objective techniques for evaluating written texts? This course is built around a selection of classic and modern texts, representing a range of genres within the broad categories of prose, poetry and plays.

Students will be taught how to analyse and comment on texts, developing their critical skills and knowledge of literary devices and terminology. Students will also have the opportunity to engage in class discussions and debates.

Course outcomes By the end of the course, students will have gained confidence in their skills for literary analysis and in their own judgements and their ability to defend them.

Students will learn about, discuss and come up with defences for a series of fascinating real life cases, each of which illustrates a different aspect of UK law in action.

Course outcomes By the end of the course students will have gained an overview of the criminal justice system, and an understanding of its key legal concepts and an ability to debate and comment on real life cases and their outcomes. Ultimately, the course defines the importance of politics globally, and also in our own personal lives.

The course will look at political events on a global scale and how they permeate our day-to-day lives. The course will also demonstrate how different definitions of politics are formed, with students analysing concepts in the social sciences and how they are contested.

Students will have the opportunity to evaluate different political perspectives and allow their own views to flourish, and be challenged by discussing significant political events of the twenty-first century. Course outcomes By the end of the course students will be able to interpret different definitions of politics, and to understand both the people who are involved and how different countries use it.

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Students will evaluate the importance of politics and how it affects everyday life. Expressing your ideas, formulating a structured argument or even thinking of ideas to include can be very challenging.

In this course you will learn how develop critical and creative thinking skills and to plan, organise and write first-class essays for study purposes.

Being able to write well improves all areas of study skills, including effective reading, following lectures and note-taking.

Course outcomes By the end of the course students will be able to plan and write a structured essay, have had extensive practice in persuasive writing and have acquired practical knowledge of how to make their essays stand out from the crowd.

Lessons will focus on the nature of reality, not just through the eyes of Descartes and Hume, but as depicted in films like The Matrix and Blade Runner. Students will learn about and discuss ethics, though they will not be confined to the ideas of Plato and Aristotle.

They will also engage with the contemporary bioethics of Peter Singer and examine the crucial role of ethics today in business and politics.

The aim of the course is not simply to familiarise students with the history of philosophy, but to encourage them to engage with ideas and see that philosophy is all around and more than a worthwhile endeavour.

Course outcomes By the end of the course students will have acquired valuable transferable skills including the recognition of fallacies in argument, debating and discussion skills and increased their confidence in expressing their opinions cogently and respectfully in front of a group with divergent views.

It gives students a taste of some of the processes involved in becoming a writer, from reading more insightfully to recording their own ideas and experiences in more interesting and original ways. It also helps them to access reference materials, so that they can find out more about writers and language for themselves.Dear Twitpic Community - thank you for all the wonderful photos you have taken over the years.

Watch our series You're Hired | LearnEnglish Course materials Full social programme Accommodation in a single room with private shower and toilet for the nights of Sunday 8 July to Friday 20 July inclusive; Meals in College from dinner on Sunday 8 July to breakfast on Saturday 21 July with the exception of weekend lunches and dinner on Saturday.
Programme details It includes all prefatory material and original texts with critical commentaries on the source documents.
Master of Business Administration (MBA) | University of Oxford Acta sanctorum This resource is the electronic version of the complete printed text of Acta Sanctorum, which is a collection of documents, written in Latin, examining the lives of the saints hagiographyorganized according to each saint's feast day. It includes all prefatory material and original texts with critical commentaries on the source documents.
Watch our series You're Hired | LearnEnglish Middle English Dictionary Posted on Saturday, April 07, Filed under Dictionaries The Middle English Dictionary is an authoritative work on Middle English, covering the lexicon and usage of English from after the Norman Conquest to the beginning of the printing press to Compiled by the University of Michigan, this dictionary has been called "the greatest achievement in medieval scholarship in America" and can be freely accessed online in an electronic version that not only preserves the original contents but also gives users powerful search tools not provided by the print version.
Sorry! Something went wrong! Medical Biology Course content The conventional way of looking at Medicine is through the diagnosis of illness and the prescription of drugs. This course approaches medical biology through one of its major fields, toxicology, taking drugs as the starting point rather than the 'cure'.

We have now placed Twitpic in an archived state. Parapal-Online is a great online source of interactive exercises for students of English as a second language. The exercises are varied in type and provide practice in general English, business English, and academic English.

The Oxford English Language Teachers' Academy Masterclass provides you with the perfect opportunity to experience a challenging and rewarding two-week professional development programme in the heart of Oxford.

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oxford business english for presentations

An expanding series of short, specialist English courses for different professions, work skills, and industries. Visuals. A presentation program is often used to generate the presentation content, some of which also allow presentations to be developed collaboratively, e.g.

using the Internet by geographically disparate yunusemremert.comtation viewers can be used to combine content from different sources into one presentation. Some of the popular presentation products used across the globe are offered.

‘The attention to detail is strengthened by the fact that most of your starting characters are key elements to the story.’ ‘But Mike said that was balanced by the extra .

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