Improve own practice in learning and development essay

Learning for professional development Essay: Learning for professional development This essay will critically reflect and analyse one practical area of my learning need during my last placement, it will explore how the need was met on my current placement to enhance my continuing personal and professional development CPPD. ROLFE et al model of reflection frame work will be used.

Improve own practice in learning and development essay

Support and guidance from senior colleagues College courses Apprenticeships Relevant Organisations It is important to recognise the most important relevant sources of information for my professional development and others development also. I also need to be aware of what opportunities are available to me and what my strengths and weaknesses are; this will assist me to access the correct training and development opportunities.

I can also use this technique to assist other staff to progress. By entering into discussion with your manager and asking for their advice, I will gain knowledge and feedback on my current practice.

Improve own practice in learning and development essay

By goal sharing with my colleagues I can establish where we all see our future roles and responsibilities being. When working in partnership with other organisations, sharing training opportunities, not only develops and bands the partnership but also allows me to access extra, relevant training, which might not be available through my own organisation.

I need to consider and assess how relevant sources of support are and also the systems of support available, in relation to my personal, professional and organisational goals.

There are subtle differences between personal and professional development. Personal development is about developing personal qualities and skills needed to live and work with others. Professional development concerns career progression and developing skills which are needed for my profession such as communication, team work and leading.

The principles of professional development are based on motivation and reaching goals and on maintaining high standards and effective care for the service users. Best practice can be promoted through trainingpersonal and professional development, reflective practice, supervision and support. Be able to prioritise goals and targets for own professional development.

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The expected standards and benchmarks include: The essential standards for quality and safety which states you can expect to be cared for by qualified staff: Your health and welfare needs are met by staff who are properly qualified.

You will be looked after by staff who are well manage and have the chance to develop and improve their skills. National Occupational Standards are best practice practice by bringing together skills, knowledge and values.

National Occupational Standards are valuable tools to be used as benchmarks for qualifications as well as for defending roles at work, staff recruitment, supervision and appraisals. Codes of practice for social care workers social care workers must: Be accountable for quality of their work and take responsibility for maintaining and improving their knowledge and skills.

Care Standards Act — Created a new regulatory frame work for all regulated social care and independent health care services. The Act has two main aims which are: To protect vulnerable people from abuse and neglect To promote the highest standards of quality in the care that people received.

By following my workplace standards I am ensuring best practice, which is used to maintain quality and can be used as a benchmark. When working in social care, to be effective and provide the best possible service for those I support, I need to be able to think about and evaluate what I do and the way I work and to identify my strengths and weaknesses.

It is important that I learn to think about my own practice in a constructive way.

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Reflection and evaluation should not undermine your confidence in my own work. I should use them in a constructive way to identify areas for improvement. The most effective people are those who understand themselves, both their strengths and weaknesses, so they can develop strategies to meet the demands of their companies.

It is important to evaluate my knowledge and practice and assess my own performance against my work place standards and this can be done by undertaking a personal skill inventory. A personal skills inventory is a systematic approach to evaluating strengths and areas where improvements may be required.

By producing a written evaluation detailing training attended and any qualifications gained, my role and responsibilities, personal experiences ect. Self — assessment is the ability to practically and objectively identify personal management strengths and weaknesses.

By carrying out a personal skills analysis I will be more aware of these areas.

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This will enable me to assess and identify personal goals and target areas of improvement. Once I have identified the gaps in my knowledge or skills I will need to prioritise them in order of priority. My company has mandatory training, to meet the workplace expected standards.Unit Help Improve Own and Team Practice Essay; Unit Help Improve Own and Team Practice Essay Unit Help and improve own and team practice Introduction I am going to be looking at and discussing how to improve on my own and team practice.

Within this, I will be discussing why it is important to continue with my professional. Key skill assessment: Improving your own learning and performance; Education & Development.

Free course. Key skill assessment: Improving your own learning and performance. Free statement of participation on completion. More about this course. Course description. Introduction To Personal Development Plan Personal Development Essay Contents Personal Development Plan (PDP) refers to activities that improve self-knowledge and identity, develop talents and potential, build human .

Essay on Elp Improve Own and Team Practice in Schools Reflect on and Improve Own Practice in Learning and Development The aim of this unit is to interpret: Evaluation approaches to reflective practice Why L&D practitioners must engage in reflective practice and continue CPD.

Analyse own values, beliefs and attitudes and. Help and improve own and team practice in schools Intended outcomes Upon completion of this module learners should be able to demonstrate the knowledge, understanding and skills required to help improve own and team practice in schools.

Supporting Teaching and Learning in Schools. or any similar topic specifically for you and targets 2. UNIT PROMOTE PROFESSIONAL DEVELOPMENT Essay. Words Oct 2nd, I believe that I should take responsibility for my own learning and development.

Promote Professional Development I think it is important to continually improve knowledge and practice as things change very quickly within organisations, there are always new .

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