How to write an outline for senior project

Another purpose is to show us that you have identified a project that makes sense to you and us and that you have a clear plan of attack. Sources of particulate matter and their characteristic particle size and chemical composition Spengler and Wilson, Health effects Mechanisms and penetration of different size particles into the human body The Health Effects Institute estimates that each year about 60, people die prematurely from cardiopulmonary causes linked to particulate air pollution HEI, I suspect that indoor particle concentrations will be high and correlated with outdoor PM and indoor activities because the outdoor PM concentrations are high in NYC Amsterdam Ave.

How to write an outline for senior project

The thesis states the main point of the paper -- the point you spend the rest of the paper trying to prove.

For example, a research project on photographers may include the thesis, "Photographers learn to see the world with a unique view that extends beyond their artistic work. The first sentence of the introduction should frame the topic in an interesting manner, such as "Many believe that photographers are artists who are too lazy to pick up a paintbrush.

Write another few sentences of the introduction, providing some background information on the topic. End the introduction with your thesis. Start your first body paragraph with a statement about the point you are trying to prove.

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Spend the next few sentences providing necessary background and backing up your point with facts or anecdotes. End the paragraph with a re-statement of your thesis using different wording. If possible, include a hint of what you will talk about in your next paragraph. You may write something like, "Many photographers struggle through school, unable to find rewarding work; but few get into photography for the financial rewards.

Compose your next body paragraph, starting with a statement of the sub-point. Include necessary facts and anecdotes and end with a re-statement of the point.

Senior Project Research Paper Outline Template Document instructions: 1. Go to File>Make a copy> 2. Click on the title of the new document, a window will open. Project Goal: one statement of the ultimate goal of the project or a hypothesis you are evaluating. Significance of the Project (Justification) – a paragraph or two explaining why this project is important and why it is important in this particular instance. What you hope to accomplish in this project. If you are doing the thesis or project in conjunction with another credit-bearing project (like a senior thesis in your major, an internship, or international study), please be sure to explain how the honors.

Move on to your next paragraph, working in this fashion until you have completed the body of the essay. Depending on the scope of your paper, you may spend several paragraphs on each aspect of your subpoints or contain each subpoint in its own paragraph. End the essay with a conclusion.

The conclusion should start with a few sentences that sum up your main points and end with a re-statement of your thesis. Close with an interesting anecdote or summation of your points to keep your essay interesting.

Kanobi regularly submits content online to Gamer DNA.The majority of academic writing has the same structural guidelines, reflective essays included.

Below we will go over what a solid reflective essay outline looks like and how to start a reflection paper. Sep 25,  · How to Write an Outline. Five Parts: Sample Outlines Planning Your Outline Structuring Your Outline Organizing Your Ideas Finalizing Your Outline Community Q&A.

An outline is a great way to organize ideas and information for a speech, an essay, a novel, or a study guide based on your class notes%(18). Approval is not automatic, and the Senior Essay committee may stipulate revisions to the project as a condition of approval. 2.

how to write an outline for senior project

By the end of the fourth week of classes, you must hand in five to ten pages of writing, or, if the project requires a substantial amount of research, an annotated bibliography of the works you have consulted together with an . Senior Project Research Paper Outline Template Document instructions: 1.

Go to File>Make a copy> 2. Click on the title of the new document, a window will open. The project planning process should lead to a fairly detailed annotated outline of the report you will eventually write.

It will provide a clear guide for you to follow during your research and/or development. The final report you write may end up with an outline looking very different from this annotated outline.

Reflective Essay Outline. On your journey through high school and college, there are going to be numerous essays you are going to write to satisfy the requirements of your curriculum.

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