Anne of green gables summaries

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Anne of green gables summaries

The three children live a rather monotonous life in late 19th century London: They ask their mother about him, and go on a search in the library. They start leaving their nursery window open, even though winter quickly approaches. Peter Pan indeed visits their room, but all three are asleep, despite their efforts to keep awake.

Nana, the canine nursemaid, bites off the shadow of the intruder. Wendy wakes up, and frantically hides the strange object in a drawer.

Peter Pan must return for his shadow, Wendy reasons, and she and her brothers eagerly await the next evening. Later in the day, Mr. Darling becomes angry with Nana and ties her up outside before leaving with his wife to a party.

The children are alone—and excited. Wendy wakes up when he starts making a racket, pulling almost all the clothes out of her closet. He is very happy to find it, but cannot reattach it to himself. Tink offers to help with a bar of soap, Anne of green gables summaries even with this "powerful substance", he cannot keep it attached.

Peter is completely devastated and starts bawling, until Wendy approaches him. She sews it back on, and the boy gives her an acorn necklace as thanks. Wendy gives him a kiss, but this infuriates Tinker Bell Tink stays angry at Wendy for about 10 more episodes.

Anne of green gables summaries

Peter teaches the Darlings to fly and takes them to Neverland. Before Peter can take them home, Hook begins firing cannons at him. It turns out that Wendy is unharmed, however, because the arrow hit straight into the acorn necklace Peter gave her.


The Darlings slowly become accustomed to living in the tree house, while the lost boys are mesmerized by how a good a mother Wendy is. Neverland seems all fun and games, until the pirates get close to the tree house at night.

The lost boys prepare to defend themselves, but Peter has the territory covered. Afterwards, the Darlings and Lost Boys go looking for mermaids. After hours of waiting for the girls to appear, Slightly, Curly and John go looking for more adventure someplace else preferably having to do with pirates.

Upon their leaving, the mermaids take Michael and Wendy down into the water, and, being the only one else present, Tootles dives down and saves them. At the tree house, Tootles shows them a cute little raccoon named Rascal.

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Meanwhile, John gets his first look at the pirates—and gets caught by them, along with Curly and Slightly. On the ship, Captain Hook appears for the first time and puts John up on a plank high above the water. Before he gets to laugh, Peter appears.

Unable to fly away, with his friends held hostage and Hook coming at him with a sword, there seems to be no chance for Peter to get away alive. But fortunately for him, this episode also includes the first appearance of the ticking crocodile.

After Tink persuades them to close their eyes, Peter hangs a blanket above them. After the lost boys fight over who gets to bring the blanket to her to stitch it up, Wendy tells them about a marvelous machine that makes sewing easy and quick. Slightly instantly goes to try building the contraption with Curly, but neither of them knows what such a machine even looks like.

But Slightly is determined. Smee is sequestered off to shore to continue his chore, which presents Slightly and Curly with the perfect opportunity to see a sewing machine in action. He decides to join the pirates, on a whimsical suggestion from Tinker Bell.

As he heads towards the ship, he meets the Indian princess Tiger Lily in a rather violent encounter. She offers to present him to the Captain.

When John boards the ship, Hook is less than pleased with the aspiring buccaneer, and assigns him to wash the deck John is, apparently, destined for cleaning jobs.WARNING: These are summaries, not reviews, and may contain story spoilers.

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Anne of Green Gables (), a CBC four-hour television mini series directed by Kevin Sullivan with Megan Follows as Anne. Anne of Green Gables: The Sequel (), a sequel to the miniseries which aired on CBC and the Disney Channel as Anne of Avonlea: The Continuing Story of .

Anne of Green Gables, written by Lucy Maud Montgomery, and published in , draws on the author’s childhood experiences in rural Prince Edward Island, Canada, to tell the charming story of. Last Monday our family spent the morning in Chicago applying for non-lucrative visas that will hopefully permit us one year of residency in Spain.

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